Synchrony with CyberKnife and Radixact

Gold Anchor can be tracked in real-time with Accuray Synchrony® available on Cyberknife® and Radixact® Systems.

  • It is recommended to implant Gold Anchor with a ball shape (folded) for optimal tracking with Synchrony®.
  • Under Learn more below we have listed some relevant publications for use of Gold Anchor with Cyberknife® and Radixact® systems.

Example: Liver

Example: Prostate


Gold Anchor has so far been used for CyberKnife® and Radixact® treatments of lung, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland, breast and prostate.”

Three Gold Anchor markers are required to track translations and rotations (X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch and Yaw).

Four Gold Anchor markers are typically used for prostate treatments.

One Gold Anchor marker is used by some centers for smaller lesions, e.g. in lung. The Gold Anchor marker is then typically implanted inside or very close to the tumor, see image example from lung here and read about it in this SFRO poster from France.

“At the Swedish Radiosurgery Center we use Gold Anchor fiducials in our CyberKnife treatments for prostate, abdomen and lung, with great results. Thin needles for implantation, anchoring marker design and improved visibility on MRI enables safe and accurate SBRT.”

Robert Meier, MD, Radiation Oncologist

Medical Director, Swedish Radiosurgery Center, Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, Washington

Learn more

Note: Cyberknife, Radixact and Synchrony are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Accuracy Incorporated in the United States and other countries.

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