A Great Fiducial Marker For Prostate Cancer Treatment

Clearly Visible On kV, CT And MRI thanks to unique material

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fiducial marker sheet prostate cancer

Top benefits with Gold Anchor marker

Minimally Invasive

Fine needles for cytology have been used more than 50 years in all parts of the body with no to very little harm. Gold Anchor markers come preloaded in needles of the same size.

Great Visibility

The marker is only 0.28 or 0.4 mm thick and made of an alloy of gold and 0.5% iron (pat. pend.). That improves the surface-to-volume ratio and makes it clearly visible on kV, CT and MRI.

Instant Stability

The marker is passive and will form different shapes depending on implantation technique, with great tissue attachment. The flexibility of the marker allows it to absorb tissue deformation effectively.

Reduce implantation and lead time

The thin needle causes minimal bleeding and swelling. In combination with the strong tissue attachment of the marker, Gold Anchor makes it possible to proceed with CT and/or MR for dose plan for prostate cancer on the same day as implantation.


With Gold Anchors this is a low risk procedure that does not require anesthesia. Three Gold Anchors can typically be implanted by the doctor in less than five minutes.


If you prefer to implant markers transperineally you can also avoid anesthesia – using an EMLA patch 30 minutes before implantation is enough

Reduce patient discomfort and complications from implantation

Confirmed low risk after transrectal implantation in prostate

Less intensity of pain during transrectal implantation in prostate

Source: Castellanos E, Wersäll P, Tilikidis A, et al. (October 31, 2018) Low Infection Rate After Transrectal Implantation of Gold Anchor ™ Fiducial Markers in Prostate Cancer Patients After Non-broad-spectrum Antibiotic Prophylaxis. Cureus 10(10): e3526. doi:10.7759/cureus.3526

Source: (17G): Igdem S, Akpinar H, Alço G et al. Br Radiol 2009;82:941-945. (18G; 1×5 mm): S Gill, J Li, J Thomas, et al. Br J Radiol. 2012 Jul;85(1015):1011-7. (22G): Wioletta Mista, Leszek Miszczyk. Onkologia Info 2011;8;2:110-111.

Don’t just take our word for it

We have not seen any complications from the use of Gold Anchors. On the contrary, the application process is much easier than for other fiducial markers.

Enrique Castellanos

MD, PhD, Department of Oncology, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

When we use these very thin needles we have stopped to give local anaesthesia – the tiny needles are usually tolerated very well by the patient. Instead we use a small EMLA patch.

Bengt Johansson

MD, PhD, Department of Oncology, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden

We have found that by using the Gold Anchor system; this has allowed us to treat soft tissue tumors that were once considered inaccessible.

Gregory K. Bell

MD, Interventional Oncology, Austin Cancer Centers, USA

In the last seven years I have not recorded (personally or for the rest of my unit) a single complication that ever required any therapeutic measure whatsoever.

Fausto Labruto

M.D, Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden