Top benefits with Gold Anchor Marker

diagram and heart

Minimally invasive

Industry leading thin needles

Man holding prostate X-ray sheet
lungs and eye

Great visibility

Also on MRI, thanks to unique material

animation of fiducial marker folding
stop watch

Instant stability

Multiple cut-outs allow the marker to fold

Minimally Invasive

Fine needles for cytology have been used more than 50 years in all parts of the body with no to very little harm. Gold Anchor markers come preloaded in needles of the same size.

Great visibility

The marker is only 0.28 or 0.4 mm thick, which improves the surface-to-volume ratio. The marker is made of an alloy of gold and iron for improved MR visibility (pat. pend.).

Instant Stability

Gold Anchor gets a great tissue attachment. The ball shaped marker becomes thicker than the needle tract and that prevents the marker from migrating in the needle tract when the needle is withdrawn.

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