Particle therapy

State-of-the-art image guidance tool for Particle Treatments such as proton and ion-beam therapies


  • The ultrathin 0.28 mm line shaped Gold Anchor markers cause very low dose perturbation.
  • The high density material provides good visibility on kV imaging.
  • The unique and patented gold-iron alloy enhances the MRI visibility.

The CT and MRI images show a line shaped 0.28×10 mm MR+ marker implanted in the prostate.

Image courtesy of Gjøvik Hospital, Norway


The film measurements show dose perturbation for a Gold Anchor implanted with a line/zig-zag shape vs. regular gold markers.

Dose perturbation downstream of the markers with the markers oriented perpendicular to the beam axis near the end of the SOBP (Spread-Out Bragg Peak). The doze is normalized to an unperturbed region.

Source: Extract from “Investigation of dosimetric effects of radiopaque fiducial markers for use in proton beam therapy with film measurements and Monte Carlo simulations”

Two Gold Anchor 0.28×10 mm markers implanted in breast prior to proton therapy treatment.