ExacTrac Dynamic

Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic allows for fiducial marker tracking using real-time kV-imaging. During treatment the system acquires x-ray images at certain angles. These images are used to automatically detect the implanted fiducial markers and compare them to the DRRs (Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs) from the planning CT. If the markers are detected outside the preset tolerance the treatment beam is paused and the patient can be repositioned.

Note: ExacTrac Dynamic® is a registered trademark of Brainlab AG.


kV-image with three ball-shaped 0.4×10 mm Gold Anchor in prostate tracked with Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic.

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  • “We could demonstrate, that repeated XR-imaging of implanted gold fiducial markers recording translational displacements led to position corrections in more than one third of all VMAT treatment sessions. Thus, we clearly recommend applying repeated or continuous intrafractional monitoring of prostate position especially when performing ultra-hypofractionated treatment concepts.”

Article from Medical University of Innsbruck. (Note: Gold Anchor are not the markers in the publication).