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Product range & guidelines

How to order

You can order directly from us, the manufacturer, or from one of our distributors depending on where you are located.

All order enquiries can be sent to We will be happy to assist you.

Ordering Gold Anchor is really simple. Based on your application and treatment modality you can use this link or the information below as a guide to choose your product code. For any questions related to choice of product code send an email to




The Gold Anchor needle is delivered pre-loaded with the Gold Anchor marker inside. It comes in a blister single pack, sterilized, ready for use. Products are packed and sold in boxes of 10 units per product code.



Needle tip Gold Anchor Marker and box

Product codes 

CE marked EC Certificate
FDA cleared 510(k) # K160209
Japanese approval # 22700BZX0021600
Russian approval

List of product descriptions

Product selection

We have some advice on what product you could test first for a specific application. Learn more >

For more general comments, see below.

Choice of marker

The Gold Anchor™ marker is available in two different diameters, Ø 0.28 mm and Ø 0.40 mm, and two different lengths, 10 mm or 20 mm, resulting in four different versions. Choice of marker depends on the user preferences regarding visibility, artifacts and dose perturbation. Learn more >


Choice of needle

25 gauge needle

fiducial marker needle 25G

GA150 is recommended whenever the target can be reached with that needle, e.g. for most cases in lung, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal gland, oligomets in abdomen and inguinal metastases. The reason for recommending GA150 is that it is thinner than the other needles. GA150 is thereby even safer to use.

GA150 can also be used to transfer 0.28 mm diameter markers over into the needle tip of a 22G EBUS-TBNA needle or a 22G EUS-FNA needle to enable marker implantation through endoscope.

22 gauge needle

fiducial marker needle 22G

GA80 is mostly used for breast and for marking other superficial leisions.

GA150X provides an alternative to GA150 for those cases in which a stiffer needle is beneficial, e.g. in cirrhotic liver, or when the 0.40 mm diameter marker is preferred. GA150X can also be used to transfer 0.40 mm diameter markers over into the needle tip of a 19G EBUS-TBNA needle or a 19G EUS-FNA needle to enable marker implantation through endoscope.

GA200 is mostly used for transrectal implantation in prostate (since the longer needle is required for use with the probe) and for gynecology treatments. However, in certain cases some doctors may prefer GA200 also for abdominal and thoracic targets since it is more rigid/stable than the GA150.

GA250 is developed for ultrasound probes for transrectal insertions with needle guides that require a 25 cm needle.

20 gauge needle

fiducial marker needle 20G

GA200X is mostly used for gynecology treatments and by those that prefer a stiffer needle for transperineal implantation in prostate.

GA350 is for use in bladder and rectal wall, through rigid cystoscope/rectoscope.

Order directly from us

We sell directly to many countries, e.g. the Nordic countries, the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain and most parts of the USA. We look forward to providing you with great service and our unique product.

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Order from distributors or directly from us

We are proud to collaborate with our distributors. Please contact the distributor listed in your country:

United States

Western USA (CA, OR, WA, NV, AK, HI))FiveOne Star Medical Inc.
Rest of United StatesNaslund Medical Inc. Order from us


AustriaNaslund Medical AB Order from us 
Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)Mediconsult MS Mail to Mediconsult
Belgium & LuxembourgRT- Idea International
CyprusAttikouris Medical
GermanyHEK Medical GmbH
HungaryMQS Hungary
IrelandNaslund Medical AB Order from us
ItalyVigeo s.r.l.
Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)Naslund Medical AB Order from us
The NetherlandsNaslund Medical AB Order from us 
The United KingdomDirect sales with local consultant Tom Brown
PolandZarys International Group
SlovakiaAPTUM a.s.
SpainNaslund Medical AB Order from us
SwitzerlandinnoMedicus AG

Rest of world

Australia & New ZealandNL-Tec
IndiaSyphen Technologies
JapanGA Japan Company
RussiaPerobell OOO Mail to Perobell
Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and MalaysiaTransmedic

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