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On-board kV imaging

Modern linear accelerators have on-board kV imaging equipment. This enables image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), using either kV or CBCT. Implanted fiducial markers makes it easy and safe for the medical staff to determine the need for patient repositioning prior to each fraction (interfraction motion management).

Elekta XVI seed match

Some accelerators have software that can be used to automatically identify implanted markers in CBCT and CT. It may then also be possible to capture CBCT with lower imaging dose. Note: Elekta is a registered trademark of Elekta AB.

Gold Anchor markers detected by Truebeam in prostate

Varian Truebeam

Varian’s Advanced IGRT & Motion package includes the Auto Beam Hold (ABH) feature. We believe that the combination of Gold Anchor and ABH creates unprecedented opportunities to provide safe and economical radiotherapy with high accuracy and precision.

Proton therapy

The ultrathin (0.28 mm diameter) Gold Anchor markers cause very low dose perturbation and low CT-artefacts when they are implanted with a line shape. Our unique high density MR+ marker material makes it visible on MRI and provides good visibility on kV imaging.

CyberKnife treatments

Gold Anchor has so far been used for Cyberknife® treatments of lung, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland, and prostate. It is recommended to insert Gold Anchor as a ball shaped or tadpole shaped marker. However, 10 mm Gold Anchor markers can also be tracked when inserted as a line shape marker.

Frameless SBRT

Gold Anchor enables a safer and easier radiation process.

rectal cancer

tomotheraphy ct

TomoTherapy treatments

Gold Anchor can be used be used with TomoTherapy® system. The best visibility is achieved by implanting a 0.4x20mm marker (GA200-20-B) with a ball shape.

CT/MRI fusion

Gold Anchor MR+ offers great visibility in CT and MR images allowing for reliable and efficient MR/CT fusion.


T2 Karlstad

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