Gold Anchor MR+

MAY 20, 2021 

Gold Anchor MR+ A new unique marker material with exceptional MRI visibility

• Until recently, all Gold Anchor markers were made of an alloy of 99.5% pure gold and 0.5% pure iron (int pat).
• Since December 2020, Gold Anchor markers are also made of an alloy of 98.5% pure gold and 1.5% pure iron (int pat).
• Products that include the new markers are called Gold Anchor MR+.
• The new marker material provides even greater MRI visibility, especially on T2-weighted images, which typically are used for prostate delineation. This helps when fusing CT and MR images and when moving to MRI-only workflows.

This T2 MRI image above is showing a ballshaped 0.4×10 mm Gold Anchor MR+ marker in prostate.

For more information see our prostate brochure or read or 2-pager about MR+

Gold Anchor MR+ products are currently available in the EU, Australia, and the USA.

Johnny Mattebo

Vice President of Sales